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Are you ready to feel vibrant again?

You can look and feel great

in a body that radiates VITALITY.

Let me show you how!


Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?



"Why can't I lose weight despite all my attempts at eating well, exercising, and trying different diet approaches?"

"Why do I often feel bloated?"
 "Why can't I get pregnant?" 
 "Why are my periods so irregular, painful and/or heavy?"
"Is there anything I can do with my PCOS diagnosis?"
"How come I feel so exhausted every day?"
"Will my acne ever go away?”
​"Is there anything I can do to stop being so moody before my period?"​
"What should I eat to be healthy and to not feel deprived?”
"Why is my libido so low?"
And so on...
Trust me, you're not alone.
And here's the good news: I'm can help you restore balance in your body and mind so you can go from just "getting by" to 

Do you ever ask yourself these questions?

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Imagine this:


You wake up energised and with a clear mind.

Your mood is stable and you feel motivated.

Your mind is sharp and your concentration is on point. You're freed of energy dips during the day, constant cravings, and irritation

In short... YOU are in control.

And that's just the "inside story" for you also look great, your skin has a healthy glow, and people start commenting on how well you look - and you feel it too.



When you're healthy, you have the energy and will-power to work towards your dreams and to flourish in life.

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Hello there, I'm Anna, 

I'm so glad we have found each other....

Women in their 30s and 40s often choose to work with me because they have spent years struggling with their symptoms, often not knowing that they can feel any better, or trying to figure things out for themselves, not wanting to admit they need help. Most often because they didn't prioritise their well-being, which eventually led them to burnout.

Following my very own experiences, and other women that I've worked with, just like yourself,  there comes a point where we open ourselves up for a change, a beautiful transformation.


I can help you and support you step by step on this beautiful journey to make your health and life what you want it to be. 

Let’s talk about you... 

Simply click the button below:



Anna is a great listener and a very empathetic person so I found it easy to speak with her about my problem. She put a lot of effort to find a solution which is not only effective but also goes well with my lifestyle and food preferences



Anna is an expert in her field with a lot of passion.  She's kind, warm and she presents a very high level of empathy.  I felt listened by her. She quickly builds an atmosphere of a mutual trust. 

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After implementing all the tips and recommendations, I started feeling much better. I wake up in the morning and I feel great, I'm not tired & my tummy is calm.I'd highly recommend Anna. She is a warm person, full of empathy and understanding

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