Food diary review

A review of your 7 day-long food diary. We'll discuss it over 45 min long Zoom/phone call session. You'll receive my feedback and tips on making dietary improvements. You'll also receive an example of your new, improved 7 day-long meal plan with a shopping list and an ebook with recipes of your choice (vegetarian, family-friendly etc).


Online challenges

Sugar free challenge

Healthy habits challenge

Meal Prep challenge

Cutting back on alcohol

Online programmes (seasonal)


SUMMER RECHARGE programme with a food plan 

Healthy Weight Loss Programme


The 28 Day Gut Health Programme

The 14 Days Cleanse Programme

Workplace wellness

Live webinars, lunch&learn, drop-in clinics

 Workplace absence is costing the UK £18bn a year in lost productivity and will increase to £26bn in 2030. Having a workplace wellness programme can provide broad reaching benefits, which can result in reduced absenteeism, improved health and wellbeing of employees, and improved productivity levels. 

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