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"Anna was deeply invested in solving my issues. She is a great listener and a very empathetic person so I found it easy to speak with her about my problem. She put a lot of effort to find a solution that is not only effective but also goes well with my lifestyle and food preferences -  I really appreciate this as making changes to habits you have for years can be a challenge. Overall it was a very good experience and helped me in making a more conscious diet and lifestyle choices."

- KAT, Post Production Editor, London

"With a busy professional and social life, I really struggled to address my issues and get a better health balance. Anna listened to all my problems and goals, she then gave me great plan and simple advice that has really helped me in the day-to-day. Her professional and friendly manner was reassuring and within a few weeks I could feel myself feeling more alert and active while keeping my schedule. This is a life long journey but Anna's expertise is guiding me to the right choices and a better tomorrow."


KIERAN, Advertising Manager, London

"Anna is an expert in her field with a lot of passion.  She's kind, warm and she presents a very high level of empathy.  I felt listened by her at our consultation. I didn’t feel judged or criticized by Anna. She can quickly build an atmosphere of mutual trust.  She is always looking for alternatives to help and she broadens her knowledge by participating in various trainings and conferences. She does not reject patients with unusual problems and she is very committed to helping. I'd definitely recommend her.

- EVA, Yoga Teacher, Birmingham

"I had my consultation with Anna back in 2019. I was going through a very difficult and stressful time. I had no energy, I slept poorly. I had no problems with falling asleep, on the contrary, I couldn't wait to go to sleep, but I was waking up several times during the night and felt very exhausted in the morning. I felt heavy all the time, no matter what I ate. I suffered from bloating, constipation and diarrhea. I took care of myself, tried various diets and supplements, but despite my strenuous efforts, I didn't see any results. So I decided to seek a specialist's advice and went for a consultation with Anna. Anna did a very detailed interview with me about my health and lifestyle. She was very focused on my case, never made feel judged, listened attentively, and asked many questions to gain as much information as possible about me. It had a huge impression on me, I felt cared for. Anna appreciated my efforts to take care of myself and gave me many valuable tips. She helped me understand my eating habits, suggested changes, and showed me where I could do things differently. I also got information on supplements that can further improve my quality of life. After implementing all the tips and recommendations, I started feeling better. Today I am more aware of what is good for me. I wake up in the morning and I feel great, I'm not tired and the energy doesn't leave me until the evening. My tummy is light and calm, and above all, I have no intestinal problems. Sometimes we make very small mistakes that we are not aware of, and they are of great importance for our health. I'd highly recommend Anna. She is a warm person, full of empathy and understanding but above all a very professional practitioner."

- AGA, Dental Technician, Birmingham

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